Connection at MyPay.lu

How to activate the MyPay.lu account?

When your first payslip is available on MyPay.lu, you will received an e-mail received from "mailer_XXXXXXX@ifpayroll.lu".
To activate the account, you simply need to click on the activation link:

How to connect if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, it's possible to ask for a password reset request at the following url:

Where to find the user's guide ?

The user's guide is available in three languages by clicking on one of the following url:

Navigation through MyPay.lu

How to download all documents from one year in one click?

It is possible to download the file Payslips-XXXX.zip which includes all the files regarding the desired year by clicking on the button:

Where is my remuneration certificate?

Once sent, the remuneration certificate will be available in the year corresponding to it.
For example, the 2014 remuneration certificate will be found in the 2014 file although it is usually sent during the year 2015.

Messages d'erreurs


This message appears when you click on the activation link while the account is already activated.


How to contact our support ?

You can write us by e-mail at: support@mypay.lu